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What benefits do you get by using a Broker?

You have the comfort of dealing with a Mortgage Broker who is committed to promoting the professionalism of the industry through regulation and agreed standards and ethics. We can assist you to make a fully informed decision concerning your mortgage.

Our skills and expertise can often result in approvals outside normal lending guidelines. We work for you to obtain the best possible package to suit your needs.

We have a specialist dedicated to obtaining the best possible arrangement for our clients. This assistance often results in saving clients hours of searching for the right loan. We instinctively know where to look for the best option, tailoring a package to suit your requirements and needs.

The service does not end after the initial loan arrangement- We are available for on going advice on fixed rate choices, debt management, property investment loans and overall professional assistance with your financial requirements.

Being a broker in today’s world requires a high level of knowledge and commitment so whether it is a non conforming reverse equity or standard mortgage, we are a one stop shop.

Mortgage Options available include:

Term Loans
These are standard Principal and Interest loans with structured repayments through the term of your loan. You can select terms between 1 and 30 years. Benefits to you:

  • At the end of the term you have paid off all the principal.
  • Budgeting is easier because you pay a regular repayment amount (subject to interest rate variations)
  • You choose either a fixed or floating interest rate or a combination of these options.


Interest Only
Over the term of the loan (usually 5 year maximum) you repay only interest. The principal is repaid in full at the end of the loan term. This repayment is usually achieved by converting to a Principal and Interest loan. Interest only loans are great when you require short to medium term finance for residential investment property or if you are buying one property before selling another.
Benefits to you:

  • Loan repayments are less than those for a Principal and Interest loan.
  • Payments of a regular amount each month make budgeting easier.
  • Floating and fixed rates are options.


Flexible Loans
Also known as Revolving Credit. This type of loan is similar to an overdraft facility. A limit is approved at the outset and you have the flexibility to repay and redraw funds whenever you wish, without penalty.
Benefits to you:

  • A fully transactional account, so it is easy to access funds by cheque, EFTPOS or internet banking.
  • Borrow up to the pre-approved amount at any time.
  • Maximise inteest savings by crediting all surplus funds and then draw on them when you need to.
  • Consolidate your debts into one account.
  • Competitive floating interest rates are typically considerably lower than credit cards or hire purchase agreements.
Discipline is necessary for this facility to work for you - if you have it, Flexible Loans can save you dollars.


Flexible Term Loan
A variation of the standard Flexible Loan which incorporates a redraw facility but has a reducing limit. This limit reduces in line with the standard debt repayment of a 25 year term loan. Therefore the borrowing limit reduces over time. Any additional payments are available for redraw up to the current limit.
Benefits to you:

  • All the transactional benefits and flexibility accorded to a Flexible Loan.
  • Ensures total loan repayment within the original term.


Combined/Split Loans
Customise your loan between the different types to suit your circumstances or lifestyle. For example, with a home loan of $200,000 you could have $150,000 in a fixed rate Principal and Interest Term Loan and $50,000 in a (floating rate) Flexible Loan Account. Most lenders allow up to 4 splits so that we can tailor it to match your needs.

Bridging Finance
A short term (interest only) loan allowing you to finance the purchase of one property before the sale of your existing one has been finalised.

Auction Finance
Prospective purchasers can sometimes be "put-off" by this form of sale as a 10% deposit is required at the fall of the hammer. Contact us prior to the auction to see how we can assist.

Interest Rate Options

  • Floating
  • Fixed for 6 months, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years.


Talk to us today to find the option that best fits your mortgage requirements.