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Investment Options Include:

Wrap Accounts

Select Wealth Management Service: A custodial service designed to help you access a range of professionally managed investment options. Funds are selected by an independent investment research analyst with an independent custodian and a separate nominee company. Investments can be lump sum, regular contribution or a combination of both. Select Wealth Management Service is outserviced by JMIS/Select Wealth Management Ltd.


Unit Trusts

A pool of individual money invested into a range of investments by a professional investment manager. They range from class specific funds (ie. Shares, Property, Fixed Interest) to diversified funds (ie. Balanced, Growth).

PIE (Portfolio Investment Entity) Funds

PIE funds deduct tax for underlying investors based on the investors prescribed investor rate (PIR) to minimise tax liabilities and enhance returns where appropriate.

Capital Protected Funds

An investment made for a set term in a range of selected investments from cash to commodities to international shares. At maturity a return of capital is underwritten by a major institutional bank.

Cash Management Accounts

To provide investment in a professionally managed portfolio of bank and prime corporate short-term securities. With interest calculated daily and funds on call it is ideal for a cash component of a portfolio or for placing funds short term between investments.

Hedge Funds

A fund designed to take advantage of market volatility and make a profit by using a variety of financial instruments.


A voluntary work-based savings scheme introduced by the NZ Government aiming to encourage all New Zealanders into better saving habits. KiwiSaver helps members accumulate assets and save for their retirement with Government and Employer contributions.

Multi-Trading Fund

Actively managed fund utilising a wide range of asset classes including options, swap contracts, futures and derivatives.


Direct commercial
Property investment funds - listed and unlisted
Financing / Gearing

Tax Deductible / Tax Effective Investments

Normally based on a primary production investment, (e.g. Vineyards). IRD product rulings enhance the investment returns to the investor by allowing most of the investment as a deductible expense.

Term Deposit Bond

A tax-paid, fixed rate investment with flexible termsavailable from 90 days to 5 years.

U.K. Listed Trusts

U.K. Investment Trusts are listed on the London Stock Exchange and in some cases also on the NZ Stock Exchange.