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Motor Vehicle Insurance

There are three ways to insure motor vehicles

Option 1

Fully comprehensive covers you for loss or damage to your vehicle and also protects you against third party damage claims following an accident. Your vehicle will be insured for Market Value. 

Option 2

Third Party Fire & Theft. This type of cover has no protection for your vehicle except for the contingencies of fire or theft; however, you are protected for Third Party loss if you are in the wrong.

Option 3

Third Party only protects you against third party claims and no other contingencies.

Additional Comment

Apart from the standard excess, normally $250 or $300, an underage excess will be applied in any accident whilst the vehicle is being driven by anyone under the age of 25. These excess's differ from company to company. If you have an accident you will pay the first amount of repairs (your excess) If you are at fault you may also lose a part of your no claims bonus, however if you are not at fault for the accident the insurer will be expected to recover your excess. If you use your vehicle for business use then you must cover your vehicle for this use. If in the event of a claim you were using your vehicle for business use and it is insured for private purposes only, you may find that you have no cover. It is vitally important to take the correct coverage.