Privacy Policy

1.Premier Financial Group Ltd will use any information provided by visitors to this site for the specific purpose of communicating with them. Any information automatically retrieved, such as site browsing patterns etc will only be used in total, without identifying individuals, for site modification and marketing purposes.

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3. Where visitors submit information via this website for the specific purposes indicated, it may be necessary to forward information on to a third party for organisational or functional purposes. In all cases, visitors will be given the opportunity of declining to receive future communication from Premier Financial Group Ltd or related suppliers.

4. Where specific information about your financial circumstances or requirements are submitted, it may be necessary to use and add this information to our servicing database for future reference.

5. Premier Financial Group Ltd may be required by law to disclose provided visitor information. We will only make this disclosure if we believe in good faith that we are required to do so.

6. Please note: that this site contains links to other sites that Premier Financial Group Ltd do not control and who may not share the same Privacy Policy safeguards as us.

7. Premier Financial Group Ltd reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at anytime by notifying site users of the existence of a revised Privacy Policy.